Vanity Countertop Options Are Plentiful

There was a time when people in the home design industry looked down their noses at anything that wasn’t granite or wood or other ‘natural’ materials. We think the backlash began when homeowners moved into homes that had Formica countertops left over from the 1950’s with peeling edges and colors not found in nature. Who wouldn’t shy away from that?

All of this began to change once solid surface materials were introduced by DuPont in 1963, with their product named Corian. Since then, the term ‘solid surface’ is used almost as much as any brand name – the same way we ask for a Kleenex, when we mean tissue.  Originally designed for use as a countertop, this versatile material is now being used for showerpans, shower and tub walls, floor tiles, tabletops, cutting boards…the list goes on.

We love it for exactly that – its versatility. Virtually impervious to stains or chips, it is one of the easiest surfaces to clean and price-wise it is less than granite (but then again everything seems to be less than granite!)

The palette of colors has grown as well as the design flexibility; everything from calming neutrals to eye-popping rich and saturated colors.

You cannot tell us that this countertop isn’t lovely – especially paired with that vanity.

Swan Vanity top in Crystal White

Swan is a brand that has been producing solid surface countertops for more than 40 years! You might recognize the brand name Swanstone – which they introduced in 1987. A proud ‘Made in America’ product – there are a number of reasons it continues to gain in popularity: it’s very easy to clean and is resistant to all household cleaners. Because it’s a homogenous material (that means it’s a non-porous material with color molded throughout), stains can be polished or buffed away, because the surface will be the same underneath as it was before the stain. We also love that it’s available in 35 colors!

You can use it as countertops with vessel sinks, or as an undermount sink just as easily:

Swan undermount bowl in granite gray

Terestone is another manufacturer of products designed to give you the look of cultured stone (in this case marble) but without the high cost and with better options for customization. Founded in 1968, Terestone is one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of cast polymer products. What IS Terestone you ask? Their product is actually named TERE-STONE® and it consists of natural stone, resin and a proprietary component (secret ingredient.) Scratches can be easily removed simply by buffing and polishing the surface.  With a material composition and consistent color throughout the base material, similar to solid surface products, damages to the surface can be repaired utilizing a consumer-friendly patch kit. As with Swanstone, TERE-STONE Vanity Tops with integral bowls will not crack or craze. Terestone offers a 10-year warranty and like Swan, the products are also made in the USA. These countertops really look like marble, don’t they?

Terestone Custom Vanity

Here is another beauty:

Terestone Vanity in Cinnamon Toast

Ceramic Countertops

Kohler excels at many things, so you shouldn’t be surprised to know that they too offer a countertop solution.  Their Ceramic/Impressions line of integrated countertops offers style and functionality in numerous design options.  Why do we love ceramic as a choice? It too is easy to clean and because of the way it’s made and finished, it is very resistant to scratches which means it will look factory-fresh for years to come. We really like their Poplin and Jute collections, each of which provides a warm feeling because of the wood tones.Of course being Kohler, they make it a point to offer a number of complete solutions; vanities,  coordinating faucets, toilets, accessories. That’s Kohler!

Kohler's Poplin Collection

Kohler Jute Vanity

Kohler even has great options for smaller bathrooms, when you need a vanity to fit (24″ is a great size)

Kohler Alberry 24" wide vanity with integrated top

The choice…or really choices…are yours.

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Spring Refresher Course for Your Bathroom

Well, it’s here – or almost here – Spring! We New Englanders have suffered an awfully long time this winter (and about 100” worth) – so to say that spring fever is upon us might be an understatement. It’s about this time that most homeowners whip open their windows, shake out their carpets and look around to see what else can be tossed or perhaps refreshed.
This makes it the perfect time to look at your bathroom and see what can be easily updated or refreshed in this room. Bathroom accessories are the easiest way to give a room a fresh and clean look.
If you are feeling as though you never have enough places to hang towels, or robes – there are a number of interesting Robe Hooks that are designed to match various decors (traditional, contemporary or transitional) and they do a fine job of holding things together!

Brizo has many options, but we like these three, because, as we said, one is contemporary (Odin), one is more traditional (Virage) and their Vesi Channel is a double hook that would work in a number of environments. Brizo has nine finishes, which means that there should be one that complements any existing faucet and cabinet pull finishes you already have.

Brizo Odin Robe Hook

Brizo Virage Robe Hook Traditional Style

Brizo Vesi Channel double robe hook

Kohler has something that actually looks like a hanger – they call it a Valet (the Margaux Valet to be exact)- interesting!

Margaux Valet Hook from Kohler

Need even more space in the bathroom? Shelving is the answer – easy to install, you can add as many as needed and they all help a bathroom maintain a neat and tidy appearance.
Shelving for bathrooms are usually tempered glass (easier to clean and sturdy) and supported by solid brass fittings. They come in a variety of lengths and they are perfect for items that you need in easy reach. In fact, they can be ‘staged’ to look like lovely tableaus…go ahead and put ALL the nail polish on one shelf and see how colorful you can make it.

Kohler Margaux glass shelf

Another way to freshen your bathroom design is to switch from a straight shower rod to a curved rod. These are wonderful for smaller bathrooms; they really give you the sense that your shower is oh-so-roomy – without changing the dimensions at all!

Moen has a number of curved rods to choose from – you just need to select the size and finish.

Moen Curved Shower Rod

Spring is here! Out with the old, in with the ….ahhh….

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The Whole House – Options to Consider When Building or Remodeling – Part 2

In Part 2,  we will evaluate heating & cooling options, appliances, faucets & fixtures and cabinets & countertops.  Some of these categories have evolved over the last ten years to minimize their environmental impact.

Heating & Cooling

Living in the Northeast requires that homes have a functional heating system.  In many of the older style homes, furnace are used.  Furnaces can be gas powered or oil powered.  A furnace is designed to call on its designated fuel source, burn it to create heat and distribute the heat throughout the house via a duct system.  Most of the innovations in furnaces have come from gas fired furnaces.

furnace system

Innovations have included exhaust heat exchangers, flame modulation and high efficiency blowers.  Boilers burn oil, natural gas or propane to heat water. The heated water is then pumped through out the house to baseboard heaters, radiators or a radiant floor.  High efficiency boilers have many of the same features of the high efficiency furnaces.  They can be up to 50% more expensive, but those costs are gained back over time due to having to use less energy.  One of the green systems that has gained a fair amount of traction over the last five years is geothermal systems. A geothermal system is a form of heat pump that transfers heat to and from the earth.  An efficient geothermal heat pump is able to move three to five times more energy than it consumes.  It can be used in both warm and cold climates.

example of geothermal pump


Today most new appliances have the EnergyStar or EnergyGuide label.  These designations indicate to consumers that the manufacturers of certain appliances are working to meet high efficiency standards without compromising performance.  The appliances that put the most demand on energy resources are refrigerators, washers & dryers, dishwashers and cooktops & ovens.  Refrigerators are always on, so they are the worse offender of energy consumption.  Today’s refrigerators can be up to 75% more energy efficient than ones built just 15 years ago.  Refrigerators also do a better job of storing food.  There are compartments or bins in the new refrigerators that can regulate the humidity and air flow to help minimize spoilage.  When it comes to washers and dryers,  the important aspect for washers is water consumption and for dryers, it is electrical use.  In fact, as of 2015, the Energy Star specifications for clothes dryers goes into effect.  Washers can be loaded in two ways: top loaded or front loaded.  Front loaded washers will use up to one third less water water than a top loaded washer and because of their design, they reduce the wear on clothes. They also save on electricity costs.

front loading washers & dryers

Dishwashers will consume a both a fair amount of water and electricity, because the dishwasher goes through a a few rinse cycles and it uses electricity to run its motors to heat the the water for more efficient cleaning.  According to EnergyStar, dishwashers produced before 1994 typically use 10 gallons per more than modern units.  The modern units will also provide an option for boosting the internal temperature for drying purposes or dial in an energy saving mode.  Another factor for dishwashers is sound.  Increased insulation and sound proofing has reduced the decibel level on most modern dishwashers.  Cooktops & ovens can run off of electricity, natural gas and dual-fuel.  One of the most significant innovations with stove tops is induction cooking. Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel by electrical induction, where only the heat gets transferred only to the metal.   You could place your hand on the surface of an induction stove set it on high and you would not receive a burn.

induction cooking

Faucets & Fixtures

The Ultimate Bath Store is all about faucets and fixtures and their trained sales consultants are by far the best resources for what products will work best for your bathroom or kitchen project.  Many of the manufacturers that the Ultimate Bath Store works with, have already developed products that carry the WaterSense label.  Stop by one of stores today and learn how the bath and plumbing industry is conserving one of our most precious resources:  water.

Cabinets & Countertops

The manufacturers of cabinets have been slow to adopt sustainability standards in their industry,  but over the last few years, there has been an internal push to establish some guidelines.  When thinking about cabinets, the homeowner should stay away from particleboard cabinets with a veneer.  Solid wood construction is the way to go.  It may cost a little more, but in the end, it is the best option.  Countertops come in many forms: stainless steel, granite, laminate, concrete, tile and engineered stone.  Granite provides the most interesting options in terms of looks, but it is pricey and not always the best, in terms of durability.  Too get that high end finish and toughness without the cost, engineered stone is an excellent option. Concrete has also made significant inroads as a viable option. Surface like countertops are really critical to your kitchens overall look & feel, so play through the choices before making a decision.

concrete countertop

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The Whole House – Options to Consider When Building or Remodeling – Part 1

This two part series will provide the homeowner with some ideas to consider when considering any type of project related to your home.  In this first part, we will tackle exteriors, roofing and windows.


The exterior of your house takes major abuse.  If the weather isn’t beating down with UV rays and water, it can become a potential habitat for critters.  It has to be durable and resistance, especially to fire.  Above all, it needs to be pleasing to the eye, because as they say, ‘you never get a chance to make a first impression.’   Some of the products that meet this criteria are brick, wood, engineered wood & fiber cement.  Brick is forever.  Made of clay and shale, brick is very durable.  Due to its thickness, it provides excellent insulative qualities.   It can be expensive, but once it is in place, it is low maintenance and forever.

Wood is typically the siding of choice for most contractors.  Wood products don’t require a lot of energy to produce.  Wood is a renewable product that might make up nearly half of all raw materials manufactured in the U.S., but it’s share of energy consumption is only 4%.  Engineered Wood is made from wood strands that are coated with a resin binder and compressed to create a strong board. It is resistance to termite and decay.  Fiber cement siding is composed of sand, cement, clay and wood pulp fibers.  It has a smooth textured finish of wood, but it is long lasting, fire resistance and rot proof.

wood siding

fiber cement siding


Asphalt shingles dominate the options for protecting your roof.  A good asphalt shingle should last a maximum of 25 years.  It is a petroleum based product and it is tough to recycle, which doesn’t help is green appeal, but it’s affordability will keep it in the pole position for many years to come.  Metal roofing products are mostly made of recycled steel.  New designs and long durability have made metal roofs the new fashion statement.  Unfortunately, metal roofs can be easily damaged if there is impact activity on the roof.

asphalt shingle

metal roof

Wood shingles can provide a rustic look, but they are susceptible to water damage and fire unless chemically sealed.  Clay or concrete roof tiles would appear to have it all: good looks, fire resistance and excellent durability.  The only drawback and it is a fairly big one, the cost.  The materials to make it are expensive and it is very labor intensive to install.

concrete roof tiles


Of all products related to home both interior and exterior,  windows have made the most technological advances.  Today’s windows can vastly improve the energy efficiency of an old house with older windows.  All windows manufactured in the past few years have to adhere to strict codes, which requires them to be double glazed and absorb UV rays.  Having just started the process of replacing windows, I have already noticed the difference between the replacement windows and the original windows that were installed over 20 years ago. Of course, just replacing the window is the panacea.  Having a competent carpenter install them makes a big difference.

replacement window

Join us for our next post, when we review energy efficient products for the categories of heating & cooling, appliances, faucets & fixtures and cabinets & countertops.

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Product Highlight: Thermasol – Superior Steamshower Systems

Thermasol was the creator of the first steam shower unit for the home.  This was back in 1958 and today, they offer the only 100% digital, fully networked steam systems in the world.  They are also one of the only steam shower manufacturers to include Bluetooth® technology in their steam shower packages and offer a mobile application for controlling everything from temperature to light and music via wireless telephones and tablet devices.

We had the opportunity to connect with Martin Siwy, Thermasol’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing and do a little Q&A.

The steam generator has evolved over the last 10 years, is it a more accepted part of a bathroom redesign?

In October 2007, ThermaSol was the first manufacturer in the category to incorporate a 100% digitally networked system. We chose the CAN-bus protocol which is used in automotive applications, aerospace, industrial automation, advanced medical equipment, and much more. Today, we are still the only steam manufacture to invest in the upgraded digital network while others continue to use analog systems. The undeniable advantage of our system… it’s designed and engineered in-house for plug and play connectivity; simple with unparalleled safety and efficiency.

There are many factors making steam showers more and more popular. All the manufacturers have realized that aesthetics are extremely important to keep with evolving trends. Competition has everyone reaching higher thus benefiting the consumer.  Steam manufacturers are promoting the category by providing continuing education along with field training.  This awareness of steam has improved product awareness and customer understanding. Restrictive codes like CALGreen are also fueling growth, showrooms are looking for alternatives to improve the spa experience since limitations are being placed on water usage, number of shower heads, etc.

Are they more energy efficient and how?

We patented and introduced SmartSteam™ in 2007 on the Pro Series generators; saves energy and makes the steam room more enjoyable with no annoying temperature fluctuations.

Think of SmartSteam™ as a cruise control for steam. Instead of the unit working at 100% of its kW, then turning off when the temperature is reached, then turning back on when the temperature falls by a degree, the ThermaSol’s PRO Series generators modulate the amount of power to maintain the precise temperature setting.  SmartSteam™ is patented, and only available from ThermaSol.

Click on the image and learn about Smart Steam with Sol

How difficult is it to install a steam generator?

The installation process is very simple. Key elements are: 1) use water & vapor proof materials, 2) create a seating area with a flip seat or bench, 3) have an exhaust fan outside the steam shower, 4) place the control close to the seating area,  5) install the steam head away from the seating area, and 6)  include a transom glass window to allow airflow when the shower is not in use.

Here’s a scoop… we haven’t announced our new online ThermaSol Solution Center but it’s coming soon… it assists the installer/homeowner with step-by-step instructions on how to create the ultimate steam shower experience. Our tutorials will be available 24/7, they’ll help troubleshoot an issue or simply show you how to use or program your system.

Temp-Touch Plus Kit

What is ‘Simple Sizing’?

This is an immense ThermaSol advantage. All other manufactures require the client to know what building materials will be used within the steam shower and some require even more: how many external walls, how many glass panels, is there a window or skylight, etc. These questions cannot be answered in the early planning stage. In order to pre-sell the idea, and to put steam on the budget at the initial stages of the project and make it easy for the salesperson, ThermaSol came up with Simple Sizing.  All you need to know is the Length x Width x Height of the shower = cubic footage. That’s all you need.

What sets ThermaSol apart from its competitors?

The quick answer is everything. Reviewing the Timeline ( in our brochure you can clearly see that ThermaSol’s innovation and advancement has and continues to lead the steam category. The competition is constantly  trying to imitate our features and options.  There are a number of things that set us apart from our competitors: SmartSteam™, Simple Sizing, PowerFlush, CAN-bus communication network, Infrared Temperature Sensing (ITS), Lifetime Warranty on Parts and Labor, and a Zero Tolerance Internet Policy.

Proudly manufactured in the USA with patented leading edge technologies, a Zero Tolerance Internet Policy – there isn’t another manufacture in the industry that can say this.

What is the health values of a steam shower system?

Steam showers provide the most health benefits of any appliance installed in your home. Steam rejuvenates and leaves skin with a healthy glow, cleanses the skin, opens pores to expel toxins, lubricates and hydrates dry skin. It’s also known to relieve stress, encourage relaxation, promote deep and restful sleep. If you are physically active it soothes muscles after exercise, removes lactic acid from overworked muscles, increases blood circulation, and boosts metabolism. Steam opens nasal passages, soothes the throat and assists the respiratory system. Your steam unit does all that, and more!

Thermasol Aromatherapy

How has steam generation evolved into the digital age?

The generators are becoming “smarter” as we’re keeping up with today’s quickly changing technologies. In 2011, we introduced Bluetooth connectivity so users can stream their music to their steam shower. In 2012, we introduced the Solitude WiFi Module which allows the Solitude Mobile App to operate the entire system, available from the Google Store and iTunes.

What are some of the innovation that ThermaSol has rolled out in the last few years?

Mentioned above. On September 9th, we introduced the most advanced steam controller yet. The MicroTouch Capacitive Touch Technology (CTT) used on mobile devices, the in-shower MicroTouch control allows you to easily control: power on/off, temperature, PowerFlush system, or recall your previous steam setting. NEW Infrared Sensing Technology* reads temperature more accurately and much faster than standard contact temperature sensors. MicroTouch was designed with a low profile, crisp and clear screen display, and a high-end visual appeal. It is offered in five styles in 14 finishes to match nearly any faucet or plumbing fixture on the market today.

What are some other products that ThermaSol is bringing to the bath & plumbing industry?

We have several new and industry leading items on our plate. I can’t say too much yet; however, you will see a new steam shower control that no one has ever attempted before. We’ll be bringing more options, and the latest technologies with more ways to relax. I hope that helps, I’m biting my tongue because I’m super excited on what we are going to launch soon. Stay tuned!

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TUBS Newest Showroom: Colchester, Connecticut

This store seamlessly integrates technology and a beautiful layout designed to provide customers the opportunity to interact with live, working products and specially built suites that help them decide on the right products for their home. Enhancing their shopping experience are strategically placed LCD monitors providing real-time, custom detail about the world-class brands we feature. When they are ready, customers then can sit down at our multimedia work-stations (including Wi-Fi and Tablet technology) where they are expertly guided through the process of purchasing products. This approach allows customers to have both a traditional and technology-driven shopping experience in one location.   The Colchester showroom has been nominated for an Innovative Showroom award.  Please take a moment to vote for the Colchester showroom. Voting begins 11/10/14 at 12AM and ends at 11:59PM on 11/14/14.  Vote for the Colchester showroom

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Product Spotlight: Electric Mirror, The Global Leader in Lighted Mirrors & TV Mirror Technology

Electric Mirror logoEvery once in a while, you come across a company that combines functionality and technology to give you good design.  Electric Mirror is one of those companies.  The Mischel family headed by ‘Doc’ Mischel is one of those classic American stories that is rooted in hard work, good values and the omnipresent will to innovative.  Electric Mirror holds 32 industry leading patents with more than a dozen pending.  Their company culture is emblematic of ‘Made in the USA’ and their commitment to engineering, design, quality and service continues to separate them from their competition.

I had the opportunity to do a little Q&A with Stephen LaMachia, Electric Mirror’s National Sales Manager.  Stephen is no strange to quality products, having worked for a number of venerable brands before joining Electric Mirror.

What makes Electric Mirrors products unique?

What makes Electric Mirror unique is we are constantly pushing the edge with developing not only the best design elements from an aesthetic perspective but we are always looking at integrating the latest technology.  This makes our products not only the most beautiful mirrors you will ever see but the most highly functional one as well.

How is Electric Mirror minimizing its environmental footprint?

Being based in the Pacific Northwest the environmental impact we make as a manufacturer has always been on the forefront at Electric Mirror.  From a 100% recycle environment to high efficiency equipment, we make every effort to minimize the size of the our carbon footprint.  Beyond reducing our carbon footprint, we are designing products that have energy saving benefits and direct attributes like Keen Technology.

Electric Mirror Novo Lighted Mirror

Electric Mirror Novo Lighted Mirror

What markets does Electric Mirror serve?

Electric Mirror is a global company with offices around the world.  It is the major specification for mirrors in all 4 & 5 Star hotels throughout the world.

What kind of products would be good for the average homeowner?

We make a multitude of luxury but affordable products for the home. Not only do the products bring a discerning designers eye to the bathroom, they can also complement the master bedroom, the foyer and any walk-in closet.  We have made it our mission to bring beauty and functionality to the whole home. To name a few; Mirrored Cabinets for the bath with a fog free surface and upgradeable options for LED lighting.  The integrated HDTV full-length lit mirrors for the bath, bedroom and walk-in closet provide another excellent option and finally, the Lighted Mirrors and Waterproof TVs that work in “wet environments”.  You may never leave your bathroom.

Electric Mirror Stanford TV

Electric Mirror Water Proof Stanford TV

How does Electric Mirror work with showroom consultants?

Showrooms like the Granite Group, partner with us by showing the products in display in their showrooms. We train them to provide the best application for their home.  With a diverse product mix, we can meet every homeowners need.  Because we stand by our products with the industry’s best guarantees and insurance,  the showroom consultant can bring a high level of confidence to the sales process.

Where are Electric Mirror products made?

All Electric Mirror products (except make-up mirrors) are made in Everett, Washington – 22 miles North of Seattle.  We’ve partnered with a supplier for our make-up mirrors and we  find that they offer a great low price point for our residential offering as well.

What are some of the new products that Electric Mirror is featuring?

We have a unique market strategy of offering new product launches throughout the year. As you know technology changes so fast the days.  Electric Mirror is always adding or enhancing our product offerings.  This year, we launched multiple size mirrored cabinets for the bath (Medicine Cabinet).  We also launched Vive.  Vive Technology is our Bluetooth-enabled speakers built into the mirror with control via the device or mirror.  Keen Technology, which is an energy saving mirror is new this year.

Electric Mirror Vive Technology

Vive Technology: Bluetooth Enabled Smart Mirror

Could Electric Mirrors be installed by a ‘do-it-yourselfer”?

Sure! Our products are also designed with the installer or installed application in mind. Making it very easy to integrate our products into your application or design.

What do design professionals like about Electric Mirror?

The luxury look and feel of the product makes our product a highly desirable option for design professionals. The feature set of the products and the beautiful design make our high end options a no brainer for that client looking for that unique function design option.

If you could chose any Electric Mirror for your home, what would it be and why?

I would go with the Vive technology enhanced products, because they integrate with Bluetooth technology and are most cutting edge product line.

If you would like to see how the Electric Mirrors could enhance your home, please visit us at any of our New England locations.

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Water: Tap, Bottled or Filtered

When I was growing up, bottled water typically came in large glass jug called a carboy that was placed atop a water cooler. These coolers also known as bubblers were exclusive to office environments.   In fact, the expression ‘Around the Water Cooler’ started because people would leave the office to get a drink and catch up on the office gossip.

'Around the Water Cooler'

Catching up on the local gossip

My main source of water growing up came from the tap. Bottled water was either mineral water or sparkling water and although Poland Spring Water has been distributing water for almost 170 years, their primary market was commercial offices.   Bottled water has deep roots in the United States, but it wasn’t until the late 1970′s that the appeal for bottled water changed.  Whether this change was stimulated by clever marketing or poor quality tap water, the debate rages on.

Some Facts about the impact of bottled water:

  • The energy used each year making the bottles needed to meet the demand for bottled water in the United States is equivalent to more than 17 million barrels of oil. That’s enough to fuel over 1 million cars for a year.
  • If water and soft drink bottlers had used 10% recycled materials in their plastic bottles in 2004, they would have saved the equivalent of 72 million gallons of gasoline. If they had used 25%, they would have saved enough energy to electrify more than 680,000 homes for a year.
  • The average cost of bottled water and vended water in the U.S. was $0.90 per gallon compared to the average cost of tap water, which is roughly $0.80 per 500 gallons.
  • Most plastic disposable bottles are never recycled. According to the Container Recycling Institute, 85% of plastic water bottles end up in the trash even though they are made of recyclable materials. Americans throw away an average of 38 billion water bottles a year, which won’t biodegrade for 1,000 years.

Now, it is true that there are some areas where the groundwater or local water sources aren’t treated, but the safety of tap water is fairly consistent. Tap water is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   Water treatment plants that provide tap water must be tested multiple times per day, and every water provider in the country is required to provide consumers with detailed water quality reports to assure its compliance with EPA standards.

No matter the statistics, the debate between bottled water vs. tap water will continue on, but for bottled water drinkers, who are looking to convert back to the tap, there is an alternative; filtered water.  Brita produces a product that can be attached to your faucet, but it is bulky looking.  For a more integrated filtration system seek out Rohl’s Water Filtration System or Grohe’s Blue Prue.

Rohl Water FiltrationGrohe Blue Prue Grohe Blue Chilled & SparklingGrohe Blue Filtration

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Brizo Combines Form & Fashion with Jason Wu

It is not uncommon in the kitchen & bath industry to have a manufacturer embrace the design of a renown designer.  Phillipe Strack created the the Axor line for Hansgrohe.  Kallista and Kohler have had a number of lines influenced by the talents of interior designers. But when Brizo engaged Jason Wu, a new bar was set.

Jason Wu - Fashion Designer

Jason Wu was a virtual unknown when Brizo sponsored him in 2006 to work with their industrial design team to create a bold new faucet line, but after creating the inaugural dress for Michelle Obama and a number of successful ‘Ready-to-Wear’ clothing lines, Jason Wu stature and standing in the fashion world is beyond reproach.  This has enabled him to extend his aesthetics beyond fashion.

“When the Brizo brand was first partnered with Jason Wu, we set out to prove fashion can be expressed outside the runway, as it’s also a personal expression of oneself in the home,” said Brian Nobbe, director of the Brizo brand. “  Judd Lord, director of industrial design for Brizo, elaborates, “We’ve always looked to fashion in terms of design inspiration for our products. Our whole thought process here has been that our work is functional sculpture: jewelry for the home.”

The collaboration of these two brands created the Jason Wu for Brizo collection, which is highlighted by the elegant black Matte finish Jason Wu for Brizo Odin faucet.  Named after mythical Norse god of wisdom and magic, this faucet is equipped with Brizo’s SmartTouchPlusTM Technology and it meets the EPA’s rigid WaterSense standards.

Jason Wu for Brizo collection

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The Last Gasps of Summer: Swings, Things & Fires

September has become one of my favorite months.  It brings back a certain amount of normalcy. The school bus are rolling and the rhythms of life get back in sync.  My only problem with September is that daylight is getting squeezed leaving precious little time for outdoor living.

Before the winter chill sets in, there is still time to swing.

nap time!!!

the classic wicker look

hang it from a beam or a tree, it doesn't matter. just hang it!!!

free standing swings are ideal for the treeless back yards

elegance for the garden

While you swing away the afternoon, our little flying friends are either preparing for the trek south or fortifying for ‘Old Man Winter.’  Either way, they need their water breaks as well.

very groovy!!!

a little feng shui

the classic grecian cherub

The light may be fading, but the sun isn’t the only light source.  The heat and the glow of a fireplace extends that outdoor experience.

surround this cozy fireplace with some Adirondack chairs and absorb the warmth

beautiful stone and brink combination fireplace

it doesn't always need to be about the fireplace. brink ovens cook amazing pizza

create an amazing look with glass beads and gas

the combination of gas and glass creates a delightful ambience

and when space is tight, capture your heat from a outdoor heater

The fireplace can create the heat, but other sources of light create their own source of warmth and comfort.

keep the wind at bay with enclosed lanterns

funky candles can create their own brilliance

luminaries create a soft and subtle effect

welcome home!!!

dreaming of summer's return

Get out and soak up those last rays of summer.  Don’t let the fall’s chill, drive you in.  HAPPY AUTUMN!!!

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